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- Hexacopter XA-6Pro mit Naza-Multirotor-Steuerung und GPS-Kompass-Modul
- Akkus: Tiger-LiPo 11.1V 2800mAh 3S; 30C; a 194g (zweiter Akku als Zusatzgewicht)
- Kamera-Mount: XA-PT, 225g
- Kamera IXUS 105, 138g
- verwendete Fernsteuerung: WFT09SII

Published onApr 30, 2012byAerialMediaPros11,911 views

This is a short intro on the Heavy Lift Conversion Kit from AerialMediaPros.com
We have CNC'd and anodized our own Aluminum Motor plates. These are ready to mount your Avroto or AXI 2814 motors. They extend the length of the arm, allowing you to run a 11-12" Prop. With this added power and prop combo, you can now safely fly a decent sized Camera Gimbal and DSLR camera.

The Copter shown is a F550 NAZA ARF, Built with The AMP Conversion Set, AXI 2814/22 motors, Droidworx Exstended Landing Gear, Photohigher AV130 Gimbal, FPV 520 Cam, and 1.3 Ghz Video TX. The video was a little rough due to the Cheap, Unbalanced Slow Fly Props. I am sure video will be much smoother and clear once the Xoar props arrive.

Weight Of F550 Converted with AXI motors, Gimbal, Landing gear, RTF without lipo = 2404 grams

Weight RTF With 8000 mAh Lipo, Landing gear, AV130, and Canon T2I = 4042 grams
With this RTF set up, and 11X3,8 Props, I was getting right at 5min flight time flying the Canon T2I (766 grams). Exspect closer to 10 min with a GoPro or lighter camera. I will be trying out diffrent prop and lipo configurations to get longer flight times.

In the stock configuration, with the larger motors, 11x3.8 props, and conversion kit (No landing gear, camera, or gimbal) I was getting 15.36min flight time using a 4S 6000mAh lipo.

visit AerialMediaPros.com, and visit the store. We have a package including the mounts and (6) Avroto motors available. Shipping begins on May 4.

Feel free to email aerialmediapros@yahoo.com or call 888-557-6791 with any questions.

4FT HEXA X Config.

Test your configuration here: http://www.ecalc.ch/xcoptercalc_e.htm?ecalc

Our Hexacopter Parts:
2- YKS 4000mah 3S 11.1v 25C 40C RC Lipo Battery
1- KK MK MultiCopter Power/ESC speed controller Board
1- Revolectrix Co-pilot CPD4
1- KK V5.5 Multicopter Control Board (6-8motor)
1- Atmega Based USB Board Programmer, Driver and Software
6- HAWKING ESC 30A Brushless Motor Speed Controller
6- RCTimer DC 2830-14 750KV Outrunner Brushless Motor
6- Landing LED's
6- resistors
3- 12E x 6 Prop (Std)
3- 12EP x 6 Prop (Rev)
2- 8 or 10in Fiberglass main body plates
4- Fiberglass plates for electronics
1- Batt velcro strap
6- Aluminum Booms
6- Landing Gear
6- Springs
6- Tires
Variety Shrink Tubing

Misc Parts:
PC/Win XP /Win 7
1- 8S Battery Tester Low Voltage Buzzer
18 gauge wire for motors
18 connectors for motors
18 bullet connectors for mootors
Stand offs
Lock nuts
Tie Wraps

Drill Press
Allen Wrench variety
Small Screwdriver (Flat)
Potentiometer Adjuster
Tach Meter