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Thought a suppliers list would come in handy for the products that we all use. Might make it easier for members to find the goods that they are seeking. 

Feel free to add to the list.

KITS/ARF's, FLIGHT CONTROLS AND RELATED COMPONENTS USA, Mikrokopter, Droidworx, FPV supplies, various parts and services including RTF systems Canada, Mikrokopter, FPV supplies UK, Scorpion TriCopter and all sorts of bits, ESCs props and things. OpenPilot CopterControl boards soon. New Zealand, KK Blue boards, various other multi-rotor stuff Germany, Mikrokopter's home shop, MK electronics, kits, camera mounts Netherlands, RTF's, ARF's, and components for Mikrokopter and Droidworx USA, US distributor of XAircraft X450 and X650 quads, parts UK, Gaui, Xaircraft, LotusRC, multi-rotor copters and parts USA, manufacturer of Rotor X 404 and 706 quads France, Mikrokopter, Droidworx, FPV stuff, various parts and services Mexico, en espanol y ingles, Mikrokopter, Droidworx, Jeti, FPV supplies, parts/services - UK major supplier of model aircraft and associated components. inc Emax, Hyperion, Scorpion and Motors, speed controllers, props etc... - The Jeti Duplex system - Scandinavia RTF Building kit Mikrokopter, Droidworks, Photohigher

FRAMES New Zealand, carbon fiber frames, camera mounts - France, Heavy lift frames (work of tech-head art IMHO), other misc parts/supplies - UK, Small scale quad and other frames USA, frames, MK I2c isolator board, Rx converters, 1280 Mhz dual notch filter USA, G10 frames based on the Gaui design, tri, quad, hex , X8 - USA, G10 Landing Gear and frames. Inc Gopro Mount and battery plate. in German KITS/ARFs 

MOTORS USA, Pulso/Cobra, Avroto, and other brushless motors, ESC's, props, etc. USA, Scorpion, MicroDan, and other motors and motor winding parts plus multirotors and there accessories,youtube,foxtechfpv builder, retailer, customized, RTF,ARF Systems and youtuber,alishanmao
Youtube,irishkendoll. Builder,hobbyist.designer. 

MISCELLANEOUS STUFF - USA, Velcro and other brands of hook & loop fastening products, cinch straps (used to hold batteries in place) in all sizes. - heat shrink tubing, braided sleeving, cable ties - Carbon fiber sheets and panels - Acrylic and polycarbonate domes USA, servo wires, charge adapters, custom leads, squishies - Soldering and surface mount equipment USA, servo wires and the parts to make them, LED's, various electronics stuff - everything carbon fiber USA, fasteners USA, fasteners USA, Servo switches/regulators USA, fasteners, industrial supply, all sorts of stuff you probably have been looking for your whole life EU, high quality CF including heat-formable CF sheet and pullwinded tubes (the best) EU, all things CF and GRP, including moulding/vacuum consumables, etc. worldwide, mechanical components, including customizable parts such as shafts to your exact length, etc. (3D CAD models available for everything) UK, shock/vibration components and materials, small/miniature sizes USA, electronics wires and cables of every type USA, ChipQuik, soldering supplies and general small electronic bits USA, 10x10x1mm replacement aluminum arm material for MK USA, Low end carbon tube for air frames             carbon fiber stuff.
mikrokopter camera mounts Germany, available from dealers worldwide

FPV supplies - USA, manufacturer of Passport and Yellow Jacket 5.8 ghz receivers and Stinger line of 5.8 ghz transmitters. Radio tracking beacon systems - UK Based FPV equipment provider - A high quality slipring based 360 continuous rotation Antenna Tracker, uses audio channel GPS data to track the unit. Builder: Alishanmao

Propellors UK, Graupner props USA, Graupner props USA, manufacturer of APC props USA, Xoar props (by special order)

Random Materials, Items,Part,Kits 

CF Sheet Plate

Glass Fiber CF tube and CF Fixtures

All Carbon Fiber Products:


FPV HD Combos

CF Trusses Light/Heavy Duty Styles:


Camera Mount

GoPro XCam 100  2 Axis Mount

F550 Assemled ARF


Pendulum Gimble

GoPro Gimble or CCD Camera

Vibration isolator:


ARF iDea Fly quadcopter

M800-8" FoxTech FPV Display

iFly Quadcopter

550 Quadcopter
450 Folding Frame
450 TriCopter

Pan /Tilt Aerial Gimble for Quadcopter

Led Ring 

T-Motors and Flight Controllers:






LED PRODUCTS: For Automotive Purposes but I will be removing there connector and installing a proper connector for my Battery's that are capable of being used with any of the lights I choose.

Multi-Rotor Control Systems:

ZeroUAV YS-X4 Autopilot GPS Flight Control System for Multi-Rotor (Navigator Version)

ZeroUAV YS-X4 Autopilot GPS Flight Control System for Multi-Rotor (Wi-Fi Version)

CHARGERS FOR YOUR BATTERY'S:A good place to get chargers